Release Notes


New Features:
• Deleting all favourite bus stops has been moved from Settings to Favourites. Before deleting all favourites, the app will (now) very kindly give you the opportunity to change your mind.
• You can provide feedback via email on the Settings screen.
• You can pull-to-refresh on the bus arrivals screen (in addition to the existing auto refresh every 30 seconds).
• Enhanced the auto-refresh-countdown indicator with a NUMBER!
• Added visual indicators to show whether the next arrival for a particular service has wheelchair access.
• Added visual indicators to show if a bus is a double-decker.
• Added visual indicator to the tab bar when there is an MRT disruption.
• The Start/End markers of bus routes are now colour coded. (A loop route uses the ∞ mark.)
• Sorting by arrival time is now the default, although you can configure this in Settings.
• The distance a bus is from your chosen bus stop is now displayed.
• If you think ads suck and want to get rid of them, you can remove them via a small, one-time, in-app purchase.
• iPad support. All iPads. 9.7inch, 10.5inch, and 12.9inch. (New screenshots included.)

New Privacy Features:
• EU USERS: If, for some reason you use this app in the EU, you will be prompted to provide consent to see personalised adverts.
• The Privacy Policy is now available in the app, via the Settings screen.

• The auto-refresh continues its countdown when the user is scrolling.

Data Updates:
• The latest bus route and bus stop data has been added.
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Initial release.